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Travel Journals: Utila, Honduras

Utila, Honduras travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

London 1995

After a night in the upstairs room of a pub with an Australian girl called Corrina and a bottle of tequila I am smitten. She leaves a few days later to work in a pub in the Gambia. I book a ticket and fly back to Africa for the first time since leaving...

Member: Eric
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Central America

Entered Mexico on Saturday 15th July and went to Tulum, where after a long day travelling, first booked into a hotel that looked a lot better in the photos we were shown than it actually was when we got there. So after leaving our bags in the room, we ...

Member: Caroline
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One of my best friends Kyle and I spent the summer of 2007 in Honduras. We lived in a luxury room overlooking a beautiful Carribean bay with sunsets out the window every night. Most of our time was spent exploring the Bay Islands. In fact we are two of...

Member: Brent
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Central America in a whirlwind

So I've just arrived in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, after a rollercoaster of a time in Nicaragua! Nicaragua...well...beautiful beaches, numerous volcanoes, one of the largest lakes in the world, "nature reserves" (I stress the inverted commas her...

Member: Jonathan
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A collection of Utila travel blogs (journals) created by other travellers. This travel journal collection forms a comprehensive and unbiased Utila travel guide and resource for travel research about Utila, Honduras. All content is provided by independent travellers.