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Travel Journals: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Southern Hemisphere Safari

Came down to Floriano for a weeks relaxation on the beatiful brazilian beaches! Checked into the only hostel recommended in the "book" to find we were in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of hippies in a room stinking of damp with no money! ...

Member: Lindsey
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Tanzania- one of the poorest countries in Africa yet by far one of the friendliest. It is rich with natural resources and incredible beauty, from white sandy beaches and tropical islands, to wild animals and the snow-capped Kilmanjaro, Africa's highest...

Member: Brent
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Tanzania 2006

Zanzibar Island (called Unguja by the locals) is the largest (at 38 km long and 12 km wide) of the archipelago known collectively as Zanzibar, which includes the Pemba Islands and several islets. Although the Prime Minister of a newly-independent Zanzi...

Member: Kandace and Kevin
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My Tanzania 2007 Trip

Well, tonight, we have finally arrived in the Serengetti. I will try to write at least 2 journal entries to catch up, but if I can't, i will try and finish tomorrow now. Now for yesterday's entry... It seems as if we missed an entire day travel...

Member: Vecepia
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africa 2005

We arrived in Johannesburg airport late afternoon. Unfortunately being rather dumb we had been standing at the wrong luggage carousel (duh!) and by the time we finally found out baggage our lift to the hostel had left! Panic!!! We ended up employing...

Member: claire
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Tanzania was our first real experience of Africa and one of our favourite countries. The serengeti and ngorongoro crater were pretty awesome...very nearly didn't got to the serengeti due to cost but luckily one of our fellow passengers talked us into i...

Member: daveandmonaregone
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