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Birthday weekend in Paris, Versailles and Normandy

Tractor races in Normandy |

We arrived at the farm in Normandy at around 5pm with enough time for a quick game of football and a stint on the scramblers.

I went for a fairly long evening run (mostly due to taking the wrong road at about 6km out and then being 3km down it before figuring turning back was the best option) which is always good in the fresh country air before sitting down to a fantastic birthday meal prepared by Lise's mum. We ate and drank far too much and the meal was ended with a home-brewed cider drinking competition, the details of which shall remain a family secret.

After dinner, it was jackets on for a hunt-the-'Daiwoo' spectacle around the pitch black farm. This is a french farm tradition of hunting a beast of immense capability (not quite sure what capability as nobody has ever actually caught one) and is really only an excuse for running around while trying to work off the rather large meal you've just consumed.

Sunday morning was serious business. A fine collection of a dozen semi-archaic tractors along with a group of hung-over Frenchies and token South African, can mean only one thing! RACE! The tractors were assembled in the fields and it was all engines go. Well, it was until Mr. Laborde was faced with a broken tractor and a bunch of hooligans intent on upping the ante to a session of last-man-standing, at which point they were routed in single file back to the safety of the sheds.

A superb Sunday lunch of fillet and farm vegetables and it was off to Paris for a calm evening of relaxation.

Thanks to the Laborde family for their hospitality. I highly recommend them to anyone visiting Versailles or Normandy (ha).

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