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Holidaying with my parents- 2005

Lundy |

Apart from walking, drinking and a smattering of tacky amusement parks, there is not a lot to do in north Devon. Thus out of desparation rather than desire we decided to travel to Lundy, an island in the Bristol Channel. From my archaeological training I know that Lundy was a major part of the early medieval trading network in the east of the British Isles. I had also heard that Lundy was a major nesting place for puffins (although to this day I have never seen a puffin and I doubt they actually exist).

On the Friday of our week in Devon we wandered down to Bideford to catch the ferry to Lundy. It was a smallish boat and it was full with about 150 people sailing with us. Upon depature we were informed that the going would be 'moderate to rough' and so it proved.

Up and down... up and down.

The first contribution was from a young girl aged about 10, a truely praise-worthy effort that went almost 2 metres. That really sent the ball rolling (or the stomachs churning). Within 10 minutes every little darling on the ship had painted the deck an attractive shade of biley-orange. Tjose of us with stroner constitutions stared out to see and breathed through our mouths. The strongest stomach of all belonged to the ship's steward who, in between handing out sick-bags, devoured a bacon sandwich and guzzled a can of fizzy-pop.

Lundy itself is a very small island, three miles by half a mile, and it takes no time at all to explore. Some people choose to stay in holiday homes on there, but there really is nothing to do. Perhaps the best aspect of Lundy is the coastal scenery, lovely cliffs.

Fortunately the journey home was much smoother and was only marred by the radio commentary of Ricky Ponting claiming the wicket of Michael Vaughan. What a crapbag.

Locations Visited: Bideford

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