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Poland 2006 - Weddings and Mountain climbing with the Polski's

Tornów to Zakopane (http://www.world66.com/europe/poland/zakopane) |

Day 2

We got up early as Karsh had organised her friend Łukasz (Wowcosh) to drop us in Zakopane, about a 3hr drive. He was a nice guy, but again didn’t speak English so it was 3hrs of largely entertaining myself taking photo’s through the rain as we headed south.

The funny thing about travelling in Poland was that even though people couldn’t speak English the music was all MTV stuff. Even in the roadside café the day before there was Bruce Springstein, Brian Adams etc playing in the back ground. We hit the bottom of the mountain listening to ‘Bomb Track’ - Rage Against the Machine. Which I haven’t heard in years but the English music was a nice distraction.

Even through the rain the country side looked amasing. I tried to take photos but when the car is travelling at 100kmh and there is rain on the windows there was no real point. The girls did point out sheep to me which, even joking aside, did make me feel a home. Like I was driving through the Waikato or the Naki just everyone was speaking funnier than the usual locals =).

One thing Poland is not short of is churches. I lost count of the number we passed. They all came in different shapes and sizes. Some I didn’t even notice until Łukasz crossed himself. He did that past every church we passed directly in front of and there were a lot of them the whole way down.

We arrived in Zakopane without incident although we did see a car on its roof on the side of the road at one of our smoke breaks there was a police car sitting there so I figured it was a recent incident. The girls discovered that they didn’t actually know where the B&B we were staying at was. After a quick phone call we apparently knew where we were heading… until we left town. So we called again. And again drove through town the other way. We did get to see a wedding with carriages on the way through this time. After the 3rd phone conversation and a few vented words, that I did understand, we eventually found our little homestead.

It was out in the country and the view was amazing, even the rain couldn’t hide the beauty of the mountains that were literally on our back door step. The old husband and wife who looked after the place was really friendly even though neither of then spoke English.

We received a phone call to say the wedding had been delayed as Bradley was held up in a major traffic jamb coming out of Krakow as a new highway bridge, under construction, had collapsed killing one of the workers. This had blocked the main highway.

The wedding, which was meant for 3, was now going to be at 4 so we headed into town to get a bit to eat and kill some time. The main part of Zakopane which even though it was raining was full of people wondering around looking at the shops. The cheese sellers were manning their stalls of shaped smoke cheeses. (I’ll come to those later). Lunch wasn’t a very Polish affair as we went an Egyptian restaurant.

I didn’t realise it but Łukasz had to get back to Tornów that night so he left for the 3 hour drive back. It would have good to have a chat to him he seemed like a really nice guy.

The girls started to get ready for the wedding as you do so I sat down to watch some Polish TV while I waited for the bathroom. In my experience it’s best to leave the bathroom to the girls =).

A bit of a stir was caused when Ana’s Dad came to collect the girls 40mins early, he didn’t mind waiting. One of the joys of being a guy is that it doesn’t take long to put on a suite, and now thanks to my job, I can tie a tie =). He didn’t speak any English but we shared a knowing look about girls getting ready. He wasn’t even dressed himself. Onward to the wedding

Locations Visited: Zakopane

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