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About My Life of Travel



The My Life of Travel web application is built on the Microsoft .NET platform which is an enterprise level application development environment. Industry standards and best practices have been used in the design of the application with a "layered architecture" approach undertaken for the application design. The user interface layer is created using ASP.NET and the code is written in C#. Custom controls have been used where possible to increase reusability and maintainability.

The business layer is object oriented and consists of a "service layer" and a "domain layer". All functionality in the application is wrapped in transactions that will either succeed or fail, thus maintaining data integrity. Object relational mapping is used for database persistence using a powerful, high performance object/relational persistence and query framework. Our business layer is developed using a clean object-oriented design, allowing development and maintenance to be carried out efficiently.

Database Architecture

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is used for the database which is an enterprise level RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) which scales beyond requirements. Clustering can be implemented at the database level to improve performance and reliability.

File System Architecture

The application has been designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind in regards to image storage. Images are stored on clusters of image servers within the network, enabling us to offer a vast amount of space to members while also allowing server optimisation for optimal file storage performance.

About My Life of Travel - Technology