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These bus stations is Peru let me tell you are the hive of activity. All sorts of sells going on through the bus windows at all times! Some women even pay to get on the bus to sell their sandwiches or drinks. A continuous hustle and bustle to keep us amused!

Anyway, on arrival in Ica, we got approached by a three wheeled tuc tuc to take us to Hachachina which was only mins away. Well, I don{t think he or it was prepared for all our bags. Lets just say that we are not travelling light. Eimear even bought a second rucksack to carry in Santiago. Well, we eventually made it to this bizarre place.

Picture this, A desert with really high sand dunes everywhere around you and all of a sudden an oasis appears in the form of a sulphur lake. A little village has set itself up here around the lake over time and this is Hachachina. What a perfect destination to relax for a few days or so we thought!

This place has been completely taken over by backpackers. Our hostel was huge with a pool and poolside bar that doesn't close until the early hours. There are hammocks dotted around and a nightly BBQ. Fab! The back and side of the hostel leads to this huge sand dune in our back garden as such. Sand dunes everywhere. Anyway what a great way to pass our first night partying by the pool with some of our friends Sonia and William we met in Arequipa and and a pile of Irish - Noelle (Midleton) , Shane(Dublin), another Shane (Mullingar) and Micheal(Belfast).

The next morning we headed off to try a new sport. Sand boarding. Now that was fun, fun, fun! We got into our sand buggie and took off up the Sand dunes. What a great contraption as it collected us at the bottom of each sand dune as we descended. An essential as to climb just one of the sand dunes would take us about mins and kill us with exhaustion at the same time so that wasn't an option...

Well, what a laugh sand boarding was.. Great fun. Oil is even rubbed on the base of the boards to make us go faster. Its like snowboarding but you have less control and there are hardly no people around. Just sand dunes everywhere you look! The sand was scorching so the long trousers were a great choice. If the sand boarding wasn't enough our driver would drive us up and down the dunes in rollercoaster style. What a great experience! The best mornings fun in a while and I'm telling you its so so tiring and you just get sand everywhere so straight to the pool on our return back to the hostel. This is the life. In the late afternoon we decided to grab a taxi and head off Pisco tasting. Its Peruvian version of brandy. What a laugh. Out in the country side getting free tours and tastings so we just had to purchase a few bottles. Its not my favourite drink but lovely when mixed with lemon and egg white and sugar which is called a Pisco Sour. Now thats yum.

Hachachina I must say is such a bizarre place. Great views and fun. Off to Lima next...

Locations Visited: Ica

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