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Me & My 20 Kilo Backpack in South America 2006



Had a brief stop in San Antonio, as it was a link to Purto Maddryn. The Mamouth train journey from Bariloche seemed to take for ever.

Eventually we pulled into San Antonio at about 7.30am, We had had minimal sleep. Quickly located th bus station and got on a bus at 9.30 to Puerto Madryn. 5 hours later we were there.


Puerto Madryn is situated in front of the calm, blue waters of Golfo Nuevo. The centre is built round a beachfront boulevard, dotted with bars serving beer and safood snacks.

We ate at a boat shaped restuarant nxt to a couple of giant blokes, we later noticed that there is a local basketball team in Puerto Madryn.

We rented biks the nxt day and cycled to Punta Loma. Punta Loma was about 17 kilometers from town about 10 miles and here we were able to se a sea lion colony. It was grat the noise th made was outrageous. I had a slight accident on the way there, i managed whilst flying down a steep slope to fall off. (I was still bale to ride but with onlyone hand)

A lady from Denmark, staying at our hostel insistd on me going to hospital to have it looked at, it had startd turning purple. Luckly after a couple of hours in the local hospital that evening i had only sprained and badly bruised my wrist.

The next day we brought a ticket on a tour bus down to Punto Tombo Reserve and the Welsh towns of Trelew and Gaiman.

Punta Tombo is the largst penguin colony outside Antartica was amazing, after a couple of hours on the bus we pulled into th resrve and was tratd to som amazing sights. I always thought that penguins livd in the snow i was wrong. Here thousands of penguins - Peak season nearly a million - basked in the sunshine on the beach. It was out of this world and the best experience so far. To get co close to penguins was fantastic and i could have stayed there all day. Unfortunatly part of the trip was to two welsh towns situated south of Puerto Madyrn. I wont go into anymore detail because there is much to say. We heades back to Puerto Madryn and booked are ticket to Rio Gallegos.


Rio Gallegos was just a stop off point on are way south to Ushuaia. We arrived by coach at 7am and decided to get a 50min flight to Ushuaia.

Locations Visited: San Antonio Oeste, Puerto Madryn, Gaiman, Trelew, Rio Gallegos

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