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London in Spring

Working on London time |

Well it’s been a while since my last update… Finding time over here between working.. drinking and commuting around London..

The photos of Natural History Museum Dinosaur T’Rex exhibit, it actually moves and follows you around the room just like Jurassic park =)

Well after only 3 weeks of being in London town I’ve landed myself a job.. I’m working as an Applications Consultant for a company called Touch Stone (www.touchstone.co.uk if you’re interested). I’ve been thrown in the deep end on an implementation project that was meant to GO LIVE (be complete for all the non geeks out there) and well lets just say that was rather hopeful at best. I’ve been there are week and already been working stupid hours, 01:30 one night 03:30 the next, to get the project into some sort of order. We’re almost there but it’s a complex solution and an even more complex political environment. Makes for some interesting times.

On the lighter side of work over here the IT guys over here call a router, (internet networking thing for the non technical), a rooter. No you can imagine the humour I was getting out of these guys having a full on serious conversation about how the rooter box wasn’t rooting and if they couldn’t root to the box then they were going to have trouble.. it got to the point where I had to leave the room.

On the first day I heard Mr Whippy in the car park. I couldn’t believe they have ice cream during the day so I had to ask the guys. Well they had a bit of a chuckle at my expense and explained it was Mr Whippy sandwich styles.. you’ll have to see the photos.

Anyway this week is hopefully going to be a bit more relaxed and I’m off to our company’s Fareham office at the end of the week where I will also meet more of the Axapta team.

I’m currently looking for a flat to move into so I have my own place to call home. I’m hampered a bit by the fact that most of the adverts for flats in the West Hampstead area are requesting females. But I’ll keep looking. =)

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