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London in Spring

Mike's Marvelous Mystery Tour |

Mike started out by showing me around London... his only brief was that my friend Michelle was going to show me around the next day so he wasn't going to show me any of the "touristy" stuff... well lets just say Mike's easily excited and once we saw Big Ben we were away...

Mike's a fan of walks especially Hyde park. He shared is favorite park walk which took us past his favorite bird the pelican. He pointed out the Jamaican geese, the Canadian geese, the cross between the Jamaican and the Canadian geese.. Jamadian geese and the “Jiz” bird. (not actually it’s real name but it did have exceptionally large feet for it size so we named it after Jeremy AKA Jizza). There was also heaps of pigeons, but Mike declared they weren’t really birds but rats with wings. We did see what looked like across between a dove and a pigeon but this just made Mike sad. I also saw squirrels for the first time.

All in all it was a great day and we covered off a few K’s walking around the CBD. It seems that every monument in under restoration which I can only assume is due to the Olympics coming up. Trafalgar square was surrounded in scaffolding right to the top.

Locations Visited: London

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